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Sensual Desire, Scene #01

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The epitome of youthful perfection, Gina Gerson, rises from her peaceful sleep and makes herself a cup of tea in the kitchen. Taking a seat on the couch, she drinks from the cup, feeling the warm liquid rushing through her tiny frame and giving her a boost of energy. Feeling the warmth building behind her tiny pink underwear, Gina chooses to start her day off well by moving her little hands up and down her flat tummy, between her legs, and under her hoodie over her small breasts. She slips out of her hoodie and runs her hands over her small form, noticing the soft contours of her developing body, the angles of her hip bones, and finally, her fingers slide into her silk panties to feel her pussy's smooth, silky lips. Painfully slowly, Gina unties the edges of her panties, proving that you can still enjoy a little tease even when you're alone yourself. When her little shaved pussy is at last free and visible, she starts to rub her little clit around while licking her fingers. Her hips buck as little lightning-bolts of ecstasy shoot through her. Gina turns to her side and puts two fingers into her little, constricted opening. She then starts to roll and rock her hips, her tiny fingers finding just the right places to press and strike within. Her pleasure and desire start to increase as her sweet, delicate moans fill the room. But she needs to be freed, and quickly. Gina looks at her clit again and rubs it back and forth, wanting nothing more than to experience the euphoria of an orgasm. She cums, and her petite body trembles with It's such a beautiful way to start the day, lying down on the couch, she touches her body again, relishing the gentle waves of pleasure that still course through her.