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Mirror Image, Scene #01

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Ideal small adolescent Gina Gerson is sick of being covered up in garments and is glad she is finally home after a demanding workday. She stops to admire her youthful appearance and perfectly feminine features as she looks in the mirror. Her beautiful plump butt cheeks, her narrow angular hips, and her petite but flawless breasts are the epitome of youthful teen perfection. Gina takes off her bra and plays with one of her nipples, licking the tips of her fingers and grinning as she feels it harden beneath her fingers. Gina then lowers her white cotton underwear, exposing her little shaved pussy—which is starting to become wetter as she sees herself in the mirror—as well as her flawlessly sculpted ass. She reaches inside her nightstand while lying on her bed and retrieves her favorite toy, a small pink vibrator. As Gina turns it on and enjoys the soft buzz, she runs it down her body, across her chest, and down her legs, giggling slightly as it touches her toes. She quickly inserts it deeply into her already-soaked pussy after sliding it up the inside of her leg and over her slender thighs. She lets out a deep groan and lets the waves of pleasure vibrate through her, rolling her head back. Her eyes roll back in pure ecstasy as she grinds the tip into her clit, making it obvious why the little pink vibe is her favorite toy. Gina gets driven crazy when you roll over her and shove it into her constricted pussy and roll it around her g-spot. Feeling you inside her, playing with her with long, strong strokes, is almost as satisfying as that. But Gina is sick of being teased and wants She falls back into the bed, completely exhausted, and it occurs to her that she might have felt so much passion and lust from simply staring in the mirror.