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toys of his perversion [part 2]

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Gina, it's that time of year again. Time for perversion with your wealthy mentor, who is wiping out your education loans in return for your willing submission to his peculiar tastes. Remember that you even signed a formal contract for this? Everything is pretty formal. This week, you face the hardwood interior while completely nude in his Kabinet of Kink save for your white underwear, shoes, and socks. With his latex gloves on, he enters the room and pulls down your panties. Then, he moves behind the cabinet and puts his hands through the arm holes to play more intimately with your underwear and show off your adorable tush. Feel his hands pulling and probing your pussy lips before he cuts away the panties themselves with scissors! Nothing feels quite like the metal shears slicing through the cloth to remove the last shred of your modesty. Then, as you're urged to consume your own collected fluids in the cotton, you feel your underwear in your mouth! Your strange mentor pulls apart your cheeks while you're sucking on the underwear so he can stick a gloved finger inside your bungie and move it around, looking inside your rectum!? You must be itching to sample yourself, don't you, my love? "And when you answer?" he asks through the cabinet's wooden wall. Indeed? He places his fingers in your mouth, seal-tightened. Yes, it is strange and unusual, but is it really any more strange, unusual, or perverted than the ridiculous amount of student loan debt that a lady must now incur in order to pursue a top-tier education? Yes, you would gladly give up your obligations in exchange for having your tits, pussy, twat, and mouth treated hornily! Besides, your mentor will