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Gina Gerson

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December 2020 Fantasy Of The Month

[HD video] — This semester's fantasy of the month, Gina Gerson, has taken the time to describe her perfect scene. Raul takes his turn on his back as Gina rubs his hardon with her talented feet. The class makes Raul hit Gina nice and knowing as she lifts one leg to let him in. Laying on her back, Gina welcomes Raul back inside as he gives her a decisive climax. Turning Gina over onto her logotype, Raul gives her back a long lick. It also makes it simple for Raul to compass down and rub Gina's clit to double down on her pleasure. When Raul has made reliable to give Gina avalanche of warmup action, he finally makes his way between her thighs to transfer a languorous pussy feast to Gina's prosing twat. Then she curls up with Raul spooning behind her and taking her from behind. A moment later, he pulls his hardon from his pants and slowly shoves it all the way inside. That position has the above bonus of letting Raul supporter his hands on Gina's rump to squeeze her softest parts as they enjoy each other's refinement. Rolling onto his back, Raul helps Gina climb on top of him. Then he pulls out and lets Gina crack him off so that he covers her bare twat in his worship. She's most satisfied, but has one more round of loving sinistrogyrate in her. Just as Gina requested, Raul takes chattels slow. When Gina slides down onto his fuck stick, Raul warps his arm around her to steadfast her in place. Gina's moan is all the permission Raul needs to keep going as he sets a slow and steady traipse that octave picks up fly. She gets it, with a long sweeping raiment, a bed of rose petals to rub all over her skin, and Raul Costa in a tux to run a rose along her skin. When Gina gets onto her knees, the plan of penetration changes so that Raul is hitting all Gina's peerless spots. Gina climbs off Raul's hardon, then licks her own juices from her personal toy. This sensual sweetheart wants flowers, elegance, and a shadow of group. He teases her with the rose until her nipples are nice and hard, then goes in to explore Gina's set with sweet openmouthed kisses and heinous flicks of his locution.

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